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Time to Set Your 2011 Integrative Marketing Goals


This year, I would like to challenge all to take the offensive approach on strategic planning for 2011.  Before the busy holiday season hits, sit down and reflect on the past year.  Take an honest look at all of your efforts, how potential customers have joined or not joined one of your networks, and if they have actually converted into business for your company.  If you have not been as successful as you would have liked to have been in 2010, then now is the time to alter what you are doing to make 2011 better.

 Regardless of the fact that you are a small business owner or if you work for a large organization, marketers should be the driving force in company’s strategic planning efforts. In today’s competitive environment, it is not about throwing more money at the marketing budget but about being more strategic in how you are engaging with your customers. A simple ad in the newspaper will not convince someone to make a purchase any longer and those that are going to be successful in the near future will be the individuals that embrace our new environment.

 If you have not begun to think about your 2011 plans, here are a few places to start:

 1. Evaluate what you are currently doing.

2. Review all of your key messages.

3. Determine the objectives that you must achieve.

4. Examine what your competitors are currently doing.

5. Think like a content creator and figure out a way to publish more info in to the social mediasphere.

6. Put your plan in writing and revisit it several times before the year is over.

 When 2011 roles in, you should have a plan that you can focus on and stick to throughout the year.  It is understandable to make minor changes, but those that are successful generally stay disciplined and focused to reach their goals.

 Happy Early Planning!!!

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