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What’s Your Objective


As marketing communicator’s, many of us are making 2011 plans to improve brand engagement with customers. It is important to pick solid objectives and stick with them throughout the year. Many times, it is not necessary to change our objectives drastically from year to year. It is important to carefully evaluate what direction you need to take your brand.

Step 1: Evaluate the marketplace – Fully understand the environment that you are working in. Understand everything from your competitors to pricing strategy. Do not leave any stone unturned when examining the current marketspace. Building off of a strong foundation will help improve your growth potential.

Step 2: Survey the target market. Go straight to your customers/clients and ask questions. Find out what they like and dislike about your product or service. Understand the needs of your customers and your potential customers. Find out why your potential customers are not converting. There are some reasons that you may be able to address immediately.

Step 3: Design strategic objectives. Once you conduct the above mentioned research to your satisfaction, establish some key objectives that you must accomplish in the upcoming year. Determine your messaging based on your objectives. The key – STAY FOCUSED!

Success comes when you stay focused on your objectives and do not let anything cause you stray. Revisit your written objectives often. STAY FOCUSED!

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