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Marketing is Visual



The popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram have added to the importance of visual marketing. Take this opportunity to review your brand visually. Look at the images that you are putting forth. Are the images saying what you would like them to say about your brand?

It is also important to look at the fonts you are using, the colors that are associated with your brand, and the artwork that you may use. People by nature are visual, take this opportunity to align your visual image with your brand.


  1. Jeszlene says:

    So true, a strong branding plan with considerations of visual communications is so important. Thanks for sharing and reminding! =)


    • Thanks Jesz! Some times as marketing communicators we have to step back and remind ourselves of the basics:) BTW, love your blog!

      • Jeszlene says:

        Pleasure Nicole!

        I’ve a soft spot for visual comms cause my 2nd diploma was in visual arts & design. Plus I think marketing, PR and MarCom education lack visual comms understanding, which often result in communication breakdowns with the design team.

        True that about the basics, sometimes simplicity’s the answer!

        Thanks for the blog love, will be keen to cross post, co-write a piece or discuss other possibilities if you’re keen =)


      • Jesz, I am always game to collaborate with other great bloggers. Shot me an email and we can discuss the possibilities.


      • Jeszlene says:

        Done! =)

        – Jesz

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