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Grassroots Marketing: Not Only For Political Campaigns


If you are not a believer is grassroots marketing by now, then we do not know what rock you have been hiding under. Many times it is not as glamorous, it does not take a huge budget, it simply takes a strategic approach to understanding your audience.

I recently read the story of how Pandora’s Tim Westergren got his company off of the ground. If you have time, you should look his story up. After maxing out his credit cards, he turned to the faithful approach of working his ground game. As you will be able to see if you look up the Pandora story, this approach is not just for politicians. Tim Westergren decided that he was going to connect with his audience, find out what they like, and strategically share that with others.

The take-a-way is that communication campaigns do not have to cost a fortune. With the onset of social media, one can run an international campaign from their home office anywhere in the world. The key is understanding your audience and how they like to be communicated with on a regular basis.

Your homework is to take a step back to examine every facet of your audience. Many have worked with what they feel is the same core audience for years. A communicators worst mistake is assuming that their audience will stay the same forever. From taking a step back and looking at your audience objectively, you may find the need to tweak a few elements of your strategy. It’s amazing how a few simple adjustments can change the success of a communication campaign. If you have reassessed your audience recently, let us know what you learned and what changes you made. This type of information is what helps us all to grow.

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  1. [Westergren] talked about Internet radio as a means to generate income for performing artists (who don’t get paid at all by over-the-air stations) and insights. In particular, he touted Pandora’s ability to help artists figure out where to tour and promote their live shows to a receptive audience.

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