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Yep, That’s Really Apple CEO Tim Cook On Twitter

More CEOs need to follow the lead of Apple’s CEO.


Yes, Apple CEO Tim Cook has started tweeting. The account, which we at TechCrunch (and everyone else following Twitter’s magical recommendations service @MagicRecs) spotted this afternoon, is now confirmed by Twitter. Initially, it did not have the standard blue “verification” check mark, which is why there could have been some doubt — high-profile individuals often see fake accounts spring up claiming to be the person in question.

But Tim Cook’s account appeared to be the real deal, especially since Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller, who does have a verified account on Twitter, retweeted him.

Cook identified himself on the service as “CEO Apple,” a “Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball,” and being from “Cupertino.” At the time of writing, Cook’s account has more than 30,000 followers. The account was originally created in July 2013.

As to Cook’s first tweet? It’s just a mention that he…

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