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Define Your Brands Personality

Do you have the personality that will get out there and dance like no one is watching?

Do you have the personality that will get out there and dance like no one is watching?

Is it easy for you to define your brand’s personality?  Some brands are so clear about their direction and messaging and others still have some work to do.  Well, I think that we are guilty at Selsi Enterprises of having some work to do ourselves.  From what I hear, many of my PR colleagues are in the same boat because we spend so much time on our clients and not enough time on our own brands.  Our PR firms should have the coolest personalities around, but it seems that many lack that IT factor.  Why is this important? Because customer retention and the ability to gain new customer depend on your brand having IT.

Here are a few tips to see if your brand has that IT factor it needs to gain and retain customers:

  1. Are other individuals talking about your brand in social media or are you the only one talking about your brand?
  2. Have you created a level of traction that can sustain your business?
  3. Does your visual presentation have a recognizable style?
  4. Does the personality of your brand currently fit the audience that you target?
  5. Are you willing to make the necessary changes within your brand to grow and attract the right customes?

Spend some time answering these questions.  Once answered take a look at how your are living out what you desire your brand personality to be. Tweak where necessary and watch the results you get from making those tweaks. And by all means, have fun with it!!

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