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The Latest Must-Have App for Moms


A survey commissioned by the Drayton Manor Theme Park in 2012 including over 2,000 participants revealed that a baby’s laughter is the top sound that makes people happy. Our app will allow for individuals to experience this Happiness Infusion at any time!


Atlanta, GA — Want a Happiness Infusion? Tickle The Button Book! It’s the giggling baby app for tablets and phones. From keeping important dates for the family, to entertainment for the kids, mobile devices have become an important part of a mom’s daily routine. Check out the next must-have app for moms —The Button Book.

This is one of those apps that will infuse happiness into the lives of anyone who uses it. It features some of the cutest babies you’ve ever seen. You just tickle the babies’ belly buttons and they go into convulsions of laughter! The Button Book is guaranteed to brighten up your child’s day. And, yours too!

Affordably priced at .99, this app delivers a burst of happiness whenever it’s needed. That’s what we call a real Happiness Infusion! Satisfied customers have told us that when their child gets cranky, this app will calm them right down and put a smile on their face.

Here is what one very enthusiastic nanny had to say:

“I’m babysitting for a 2 year-old and every time she screams about something I show her The Button Book and she starts cracking up.” – Sandi Borger, Nanny

There’s nothing better than a baby in absolute stitches over something. If you don’t believe us, download The Button Book here. We dare you not to laugh!


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