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How the NFL Convinced Michael Jackson to Perform in the 1993 Super Bowl Halftime Show


The Super Bowl Half Time Show is such an important piece of the entire experience. For some, it is the only part of the Super Bowl that they watch. When creating events for any brand, be mindful of all of the details. From the invitation to the time people leave the event, one must pay attention to how each piece of an event may effect the brand. This is an interesting article about how the NFL convinced MJ to perform. You never know what goes on behind the scenes of an event to bring it to fruition.


Michael Jackson gave one of the most memorable Super Bowl halftime show performances when he rocked the stage in 1993.

But it wasn’t easy for the NFL to convince a star like the King of Pop to perform in the middle of a sporting event back then. As this Austin Murphy story about how halftime became “The Halftime Show” details, the league was eventually able to make a convincing argument to Jackson:

For a month they got nowhere. (The NFL’s Jim) Steeg sat down with the King of Pop’s manager, Sandy Gallin, 11 months before Super Bowl XXVII. “I remember pitching them,” he says, “and them not really having a clue what we were talking about.” At a subsequent meeting, producer Don Mischer pointed out that the Super Bowl would be broadcast in more than 120 countries. Now he had Jackson’s full attention.

Steeg recalls Jackson saying, “So you’re telling…

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