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Facebook Empowers Us To Tell News Feed What We Want To See First

This could be huge for brands if they are truly producing content their customers want to see. A customer could decide to place you in their preferences such that you will definitely appear in their news feed.


“We know the algorithm isn’t perfect” News Feed Product Manager Greg Marra tells me. So to make sure Facebook stays entertaining and addictive, it’s giving users more direct control over what they see by revamping News Feed Preferences.

News Feed PreferencesFacebook is rolling out to the U.S. a way to choose friends and Pages they want to “See First” atop the feed, after I spotted it testing the feature last month. The upgraded settings section will now display who’s shown most in your feed and let you unfollow them, refollow people you’ve hidden, and discover Pages based on your interests. It’s coming tothe U.S. on iOS today and other platforms soon.

After years of suggesting who we should add as friends, Facebook is finally helping us to cull and coordinate who appears in our News Feeds. That could ensure our best friends don’t get drowned out by distant acquaintances. The…

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