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5 Mompreneur Tips as You Prepare for School to Start Back

Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

Mompreneur taking care of business and baby!

It’s that time of year for many of us in the US. The time of year to get the kiddos prepare for back to school. As Mompreneurs, it changes our routine completely. We are going from the lazy days of summer to the hustle and bustle of after school activities, making lunches, and last minute projects.

Here are a few tips to get ahead of the curve:

1. Load your calendar now – Many schools have already sent out their calendar for the year that includes days off, holidays, and other special days to remember.  If you have kids at multiple schools like I do, this task may take a little while.  But trust me, you will be glad that you took the time now as oppose to waiting until later on when school starts.

2. Load your contacts now – If you have contacts related to your kids school(s), load them in to your contact list now. From the main school number to the nurse line, it will be helpful to have all of this up-to-date in your address book. Also, I like to keep the email addresses of the principals and counselors in my address book too.

3. Stock up on school supplies now –  This time of year is the cheapest that school supplies will be. Stock up and figure out a way to keep them organized. Target has a really cool plastic shelving system that I am thinking about getting this year. I hate buying the supplies and not being able to find them in a few months.

4. Include your kids in your business if you can – This is not always easy to do (depending on the age of your kids), but they will love it.  My kids enjoy video editing and social media. These are areas that I can teach them how to help out. This is also a way that they can earn a little extra money.

5. PrePlan your meals – Get in the habit of planning your meals ahead of time. This is something that I do not do yet, but I plan on doing it. I find that I spend a lot of extra time thinking about new meals that I can prepare that are healthy and that I have all of the ingredients for in my pantry. So, if I plan well on Sunday, it is something that I will not have to worry about the rest of the week.

I am sure that there are several more tips that can be added to this list. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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