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A Fortune Worth Sharing: Fortune Cookies, Marketing, & Events

This story is a true testament to the power of social media.

A few weeks back I received an email requesting a product review for a product that is baked all of the way on the other side of the country. After the exchange of a few emails, this 25-year-old bakery in the SF Bay area is now connected with a wonderful PR boutique in Atlanta . Product reviews are not something we normally do at Selsi Enterprises, but for the effort made by the company to share their products with us, we said ‘Yes!’

The Product: Fortune Cookies
The Company: Fortune Cookie Creations
Website: http://www.fortunecookiecreations.com/
Our Verdict: Excellent

The freshly baked, colorful fortune cookies arrived and immediately I was blown away by the concept. My event planning wheels started to roll nonstop. What an AWESOME way to complete a theme at a wedding, a sweet 16, or even a corporate holiday party. Not only can the color be customized, but so can the message on the inside.

Fortune Cookies

Custom Fortune Cookies in a variety of colors and flavors with your own personalized messages

The true test — do they taste as good as they look??? I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavor associated with each color.  The flavors are not overwhelming.  I think that even if someone did not like strawberries for example, they could still appreciate the slight flavor added to the cookie. This is important because if you do have the cookies at an event or to hand out to potential clients, you do not want the flavor so strong that you can easily turn someone off.  Our team felt like there is a safe level of flavor in each cookie that would allow most people to like any of the cookies that they were offered. 

Red = Strawberry
Brown = Chocolate
Blue = Raspberry
Orange = Orange
Green = Lime
Yellow = Coconut


I must say that out of all of us in the office, the Chocolate was our favorite. Orange pulled a close second!

The company has a great website. Click here to take a look around their site. I love the information they shared in the ‘About Us’ section. You are able to find out some interesting facts about the company immediately. A couple of facts that stood out to me was that the company was created in 1986. 10 years ago, they decided to add in the colors and flavors.

Event Planners

What a nice touch this would be to any event. You could continue your theme and put an event appropriate message inside the cookie.  We all know that it is details like this that make an event memorable for guest at your events.  If done right, this is something that will be talked about way after the event is over.

Marketing Nugget

Fortune cookies are a great leave behind when you call on a perspective client. They are also great to use on trade show tables. The fact that you can customize the color and the message on the inside can prove to be a great marketing tool for your company.

Let us know if you order any fortune cookies from Fortune Cookie Creations.

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