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Selsi University is Underway!

Are you getting noticed in the media?  
If the answer is no, what are you doing to change it?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck on trying to decide if they should be working in their business or on growing their business.  Unfortunately, you need to do a little bit of both.

If your business is young, it can sometimes be a challenge to determine how to fit PR into your budget.  Because we have heard this so much, we decided to create Selsi University for those entrepreneurs who are ready for a little media attention, but are not to the point that they can retain PR representation.

Click here to learn more about what Selsi University has to offer!


Love the Google Doodle – Happy Birthday Ida B. Wells

Google Doodle Ida B Wells

Google is so clever with their Doodle’s on their home page.  I love the variety that they use in altering this prime real estate on their site.  It is always a great reminder of what has gone on in history that we may not even think about otherwise.

What would you like to see as a Google Doodle?  Leave us a comment below.

Scanning on the Go 

Scanner Pro LogoIn keeping with our app review series, we have turned our attention to scanning documents and creating PDFs. How often are you away from your office and in need of the ability to scan a document on the go? Although  there are numerous office stores that you can utilize, if you are like us we do not like wasting the time when there is another option.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, teleworking has increased by 80% since 2005. Another interesting stat is that 2.8 million people now consider themselves self-employed and that there primary place of work is a home office. That being said, this app is a great one for many people that truly work within a mobile office situation. When you are working from your mobile office, carrying around a tool that scans is not always feasible. When they say there is an app for everything, there truly is an app for everything.

The app Scanner Pro is 2.99 and designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. The app is developed by the very experienced Readdle team. They have a number of productivity apps that they say have been download over 40 million times. The app is very user friendly. The guides within the app ensure that you get a pretty good scan the first time.


Give this app a try and let us know if it helps you out with the scans that you have to create.

Goodbye Wires: Prijector Announces Free Software Update Called Ira

Cupertino, California – If you added up all of the time wasted in a conference room watching a presenter get his/her chords figured out, the total number of hours wasted would be extremely high. This sets the wrong tone for any presentation that is about to take place. Prijector cleverly allows a presenter to connect to a presentation screen in seconds and without the hassle of the wires powered by Ira.

PrijectorBoxIn today’s global market place, it is critical to be able to be mobile and productive all at the same time. According to Smart Mobility Management, by the year 2015 the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion.  This will represent 37.2% of the total workforce.  Because of this need to be mobile, there is a growing need for having the right tools.  Over 500 companies have now added Prijector to their toolkit.

“The key value proposition of Prijector is wireless presentations, multiple device support and simplicity,” said Dov Levy, President and CTO of Dovel Technologies, a leading IT systems provider that has been at the forefront of implementing information technology systems for the United States Government. Dovel Technologies is based in Virginia and they use Prijectors in all their conference and meeting rooms.

“Prijector is so simple to deploy and use, we didn’t have to pull wires between the Projector and the tables including expensive core drills in concrete floors. Today we can have people come with any device, connect, present or demo with no messy cables all over the tables. People inside the conference rooms get everything they need and everything works right out of the box just like it’s supposed to.”

Ira, our new software platform, makes starting a presentation easy and it helps power compatibility.

“With the proliferation of BYOD throughout enterprise networks, administrators are looking to support the ability of multiple devices to connect wirelessly with displays and projectors in conference and meeting rooms using a simple solution,” said Sunil Coushik Founder and CEO of Prijector. “These latest software features with our hardware platform provide administrators with the essentials to simplify their increasingly dynamic environments.”

Ira’s Features and Enhancements

  • iPad and iPhone now supported – Prijector automatically detects iPhones and iPads using Airplay and mirrors the screen. No need to install any apps on your iDevices.
  • Linux now supported – Present wirelessly from Linux Laptops or Linux Desktops. Download our Linux application on your Linux OS and start sharing wirelessly.
  • Works inside corporate firewalls – Plug Prijector in to your corporate or educational network and get wireless presentations started quickly. There is no individual or corporate network configuration required.
  • Time scales – Prijector provides presenters with the ability to time their slides. Our Express Mode is built around research data on productive presentations. Express mode activates at every new slide and alerts the presenter at the completion of 2 Minutes 50 Seconds.
  • Posters – Customize the Prijector Launch Screen by changing it to your company’s corporate messaging, new product launches, employee of the month, goals of the month and much more. Our Web Console allows you to upload your corporate posters and manage them directly within the program.
  • Video conference – A presenter can integrate their video conferencing equipment into Prijector. Presenters can toggle between Presentations and Video Conferencing mode using the Prijector Companion App on their laptops. It will not be necessary to Change Source on the TV or the Projector. Prijector fully integrates video conferencing through its Video In Port.

 Ira, our new software platform, makes starting a presentation easy and it helps power compatibility.  Prijector is temporarily being offered at a price that is 50.00 off the full price. This means that someone can now purchase Prijector for 149.00. Find out more about Prijector by visiting www.prijector.com.

About Prijector:

Prijector is a product for the conference room to make it faster and easier for millions of business people around the world to wirelessly project their presentations through a television screen or projector.  The company’s flagship product, Prijector, soft launched in November 2013 and is available for order at $149. Orders will begin shipping in July. Prijector is headquartered in Cupertino, California and is currently seed funded by a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors. For more information, visit prijector.com.

Finding Inspiration from the Window Washers

Inspiration can even come from window washers.

Inspiration can even come from window washers.

You have heard the saying, ‘Inspiration can come from the strangest places.’ Well, I can completely agree! As someone who writes a good bit for clients, sometimes you just need a new perspective. A new way of looking at something that can help make the piece that is being communicated even more interesting and compelling.  You want to dive deep to bring out the reasons that your target audience needs to pay attention to this information.

This is where the window washers come in. You have the same product, service, or the same ‘view’ from the office window.  But, on a regular basis, it is important to take a step back and clean the windows. Look at the product, service, or ‘view’ from a new perspective.  Pretend it is your first time seeing the product or service.  What is your “first” reaction?

Your reaction may be that this product/service needs to be revamped.  Maybe you were going down the wrong path.  Or, just like a new element can be added in to the landscape of your view out of the window, there may be something new with your product/service that you are not paying attention to.  This may be something that should be highlighted in a better way.

So take a note from the page of the window washers. Every so often, take a step back for the sake of clarity. Let this fresh perspective guide you in freshening up your marketing and communication efforts.

In the comments below, let us know where you find inspiration.  You never know, you could give someone else the idea that they need to finish their project successfully!

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