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Entrepreneurs Think Tank Launches on Periscope

Entrepreneurs Think Tank BannerPeriscope has presented many benefits to those that take advantage of the power of live streaming. From humanitarian work to increasing profits, we now have the ability to take our efforts globally. Recently, the team at Selsi Enterprises was discussing how great it would be to bring entrepreneurs together on a regular basis to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship.

We presented the idea to Parachute TV on Periscope and a few months later, we got the green light to bring the show to life.  Our first show went great and the numbers were great for our first time on their channel. We had a quiet audience in the background, but hope to bring our audiences in to the discussion. The mission of the show is for entrepreneurs to help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

We did a lot to prepare for the show from checking the lighting to prepping the guest. We also did a little prepromotion for the show. Prepromotion is one of this most important task to do when launching an effort like this one.  Your followers may not realize what you have planned and may miss being there for the live broadcast.

I am not going to spoil the content that you are going to see in the video, but feel free to comment about additional information that you would have asked our guest. These seasoned entrepreneurs are open to sharing all that they have learned along the way.

Thank you to our friends at Sis and Moon’s for letting us come in to their space.  Follow Sis an Moon’s on all social media platforms from their website www.sisandmoons.com.


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