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SE calls for nominations – 2013 NonProfit Challenge

Selsi Enterprises announces a call for nominations for their 2013 Nonprofit Challenge. The 12-month pro bono public relations initiative was created to help generate community awareness for a select nonprofit 501(c)(3).

The nomination and submission information for the Selsi Enterprises Nonprofit Challenge is now available. All Georgia based nonprofits are eligible to apply. The application can be found here on the Selsi Enterprises website in the column on the right in the Box.com widget. Simply download the application and email it in. The deadline for nominations/applications is Thursday, November 28, 2013, at 6:00 PM EST. The winner will be announced on Friday, December 6, 2013.

For one year, the Selsi Enterprises team will work collaboratively with the selected nonprofit to provide communications guidance and support via news releases, media relations, media training, community outreach, social media, communications training and other related services.

Selsi Enterprises also invites other Georgia based firms specializing in branding, advertising, marketing and social media to join the Nonprofit Challenge and provide complementary services to the selected Nonprofit Challenge recipient. Firms interested in donating their time and talents to this initiative can email nonprofitchallenge@selsienterprises.com or telephone Selsi Enterprises directly at 494-939-1594.

About Selsi Enterprises

Based in Atlanta, Georgia Selsi Enterprises is a comprehensive communications firm specializing primarily in servicing small/medium size business, corporate communication, as well as nonprofits across the country. The firm utilizes the most relevant and current communications tools—with a hybrid of traditional and new media approaches—to develop and execute strategic public relations initiatives for its clients.


SE Announces NonProfit Challenge

At Selsi Enterprises, we have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the nonprofit community. Individuals that work and volunteer at many of our nonprofits work tirelessly to help the under served or those in need in our communities.

In a small effort to give back to those that give so much…….Selsi Enterprises will donate PR services to a deserving nonprofit throughout 2014. The amount of services donated will equate to $1000 per month.

All of the details will be posted on the Selsi Enterprises website very soon! Let your local nonprofits know to keep an eye out on the site for further details on how to apply.

Nonprofits can Benefit Greatly from Social Media

Social media is an inexpensive way that nonprofits can grow in reaching their mission.  As a strong supporter of many local nonprofits, we at Selsi Enterprises realize how limited resources can be when trying to balance all that needs to be done to keep the nonprofit afloat. Allow us to make a few suggestions as to why a nonprofit that uses social media can not lose:

1. Keep your volunteer engaged –  Social media is a way to show the success of those that volunteer with your organization.  It is also a great way to schedule and plan activities with those on your volunteer roster. This is also one of the greatest ways to get feedback from those that volunteer with your organization.

2. Tell your story – Platforms like YouTube will quickly allow you to showcase the efforts of your organization.  Many in your local community will not realize of your hard work unless you let them know.  Telling your story is the best way to keep donations coming in all year long.

3. Fundraising campaigns – What better way to allow people to donate to your organization than in an online format.  Your audience can watch the total rise, encourage others to donate, and share their reason for donating.  Social media should one tool that you use in your fundraising campaign.

Building a successful social media campaign is not just watching your ‘likes’ on Facebook rise, but engaging your audience by using a variety of tools.  Social media is one, inexpensive tool that should not be ignored by nonprofits.

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