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Products and Individual Services


We realize that you may not need to retain a PR consultant on a monthly basis.  We have a variety of products and services that you purchase a la carte.

Pick my brain (125.00 USD per hour)

There are times when you need advice from someone that is experienced and can guide you through a place of being stuck.  You will leave this session with some action items that you can apply directly to your business or personal development.

Social Media Audit (99.00 USD)

Are you getting the results that you want from your social media activity? We can assess what you are doing and advise you on content, posting times, and ways to improve your engagement.

Media Training  (175.00 USD per hour for individual. 625.00 USD per hour for group session up to 5 people)

Talking to the media may not come natural to you.  We can help prepare you so that when the day comes, you are ready.  Warning, we will practice on camera:)

PR Plan (6 months 250.00 USD and 12 month 475.00)

In order to be successful, you need a plan.  As business owners, it is hard to sit down and find the time to look at the big picture.  We can build a plan for you and target the specific objectives that you are looking to achieve.


Once you pay, complete the form below.  

You will receive a call within 48 hours to set a date for your service.


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